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The Language Curry Experience

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Gamified Learning

India is the second largest English Speaking country in the world, and many English words are accepted in the local language. We help you pick up the language with all the nuances the language has acquired from English.

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Culture Connect

Every new language gives you an oppurtunity to connect with the local culture. We will open doors to limitless learning while learning new words!

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Vocabulary Flashcards

The good old Flashcards can never fail! Learn quick and have fun while picking up the words you need the most.

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Live Learning

Conversational pedagogy presented in a fun gamified approach to ensure for solid and addictive learning.

Learn to Speak in 15 mins/day!

Join global learners from over 150 countries in the world who are learning Indian Languages for – work , travel, family or cultural interest.

We help you connect to India and Indians like no other.

  • Conversational approach. Speak the way locals speak!
  • No need to learn the script. Learn through English.
  • Multimedia immersion + live learning with assessments ensure you speak with fluency and accuracy.
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Language Curry Translations

Need to translate documents to Indian regional languages? We provide translations services in various Indian Languages.

We are thorough, efficient and quick. Know more About Language Curry Translations.