Conversational Approach:

At Language Curry we are inspired by how naturally and instinctively kids learn their mother tongue. Not through books! Its basic audio and visual recall. You learn a word for an image your brain sees and slowly you learn to join these words in a sensible manner to form a sentence! This is exactly how our approach to language learning is. Images and audio visual help you speak basic words, phrases and sentences.

Thematic Vocabulary:

You cannot learn an entire dictionary from a course. But you sure can pick up words that you would need the most. We help you chose the vocabulary based on common themes based on your needs. Once you learn and you use those, you wont forget!

The Culture Connect:

We asked many on their motivation to learn a new language and everyone had an answer that took us back to the need to connect to the native people, to understand a community and to feel the sense of belonging to a place. So how could we miss culture! We weaved the most relevant and interesting facts and cultural nuances you need to know for the best connect.